Our mission is giving the best childhood experience - full of fun, love and understanding. We want to inspire you to treat life as a constant adventure. Arouse curiosity about the world, encourage people to be open to new experiences and show reality through the eyes of children.

The creation of my brand, Happymess , was making my dream come true for me to create things for children that are original, practical and that make children happy with their appearance. From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to create in harmony with myself, i.e. using natural and organic materials (my favorites are wool and organic cotton) and sewing them locally in Poland and Europe. With the support of talented designers with whom we understand each other almost without words, I manage to create unique and thoughtful things that I choose myself for my two daughters, Laura and Flavia. Working on my own brand and motherhood allowed me to discover enormous strength and determination, taught me creativity and gives me satisfaction from the different roles I play in life. It gives me great joy to be able to share this path and its effects with you.

I invite you to watch the video in which I share with you interesting facts about Happymess,


Our products are a reflection of what is important to us. Colors, patterns and non-standard solutions, as well as showing the closeness of man to nature and the joy that can be derived from it.

We support all children: explorers, curious, brave, dreamers and artists. We want to let children be themselves and support them in developing their personality and passions. We believe in a real childhood spent actively close to nature. We want to discover it together with children so that they can enjoy it.

The name Happymess was created spontaneously and naturally, while searching for a word that comes to mind about childhood and parenthood.

The word was, of course , happiness. However, each of us knows that childhood is not only beautiful and happy moments, but also a mixture of chaos and confusion every day. Therefore, adding the word mess to happiness created a play on words that the brand's founder intended.