Winter fun ideas!

Zimowe pomysły na zabawę!

Winter is in full swing, some of you are even lucky enough to have a lot of snow in your area. Of course, snow means a lot of fun and outdoor play, which we like the most!

Winter holidays are already on, and we are coming to help you with the ideas on how to spend this time actively with children outside and a little more calmly at home. See what we have prepared for you and have fun!

Movie marathon

When it is quite cold outside and the days are short, everyone will need a little relaxation. In our opinion, a great form of both rest and a bit of fun will be a movie marathon. Children will love it. If you want to pass on some kind of learning, it will be a great idea to play cartoons from your own childhood. They present values that are worth cultivating and it will also allow your child to look at you from a different perspective ... How then, mom was once a little girl too?

A must have during such an evening will be a sleeping bag, under which children will cover themselves while eating popcorn. You will find a companion for creating magical moments, that is our sleeping bags - koala and flamingo.

Let's exercise the imagination

Who doesn't like to vent their fantasy? Most often, we give our children a blank sheet of paper and wait for the effect, often wondering how they imagine certain things. So do it this time together. Announce a contest entitled: What would your dream pet look like? And use the color palette to show your vision! Use our art set in the form of crayons and sketchbook!

Crazy Indian village 

If you miss trips and excursions, plan your own! Create conditions for unforgettable fun. Have it by singing together, telling horror stories while gathered in a circle or carving in clay. Don't forget the right outfit - it will be easy to create it using our hooded blanket and a stick to paint warrior signs on your face!

Why don't you... go to the mountains?

While we are on the subject of adventure, we have found another idea for mountain and camping lovers. Change the look of your room for at least one day and put a tent there. There is nothing better than creating new memories in extreme conditions! Let your fantasy lead the way and necessarily take our survival kit - a steel water bottle and patches ;)

Pillow battle

And if a worse day happens to you, there is nothing to worry about. If you need a bit of laughter and carefree - catch what lies on the couch... and make a pillow battle! Relax, no one will get hurt with our pillows - there is nothing nicer to touch than organic cotton, from which they are made. Check HERE.

Mini Masterchef

Now something for gourmands. Plan cooking experiments in your kitchen. If you want, you can bet on healthy sweets - bake a lot of delicious oat cookies and decorate them. It will also be a great idea to make a vegetable salad from veggies that your child chooses. If you need a colorful dinner set, you will find it HERE.

Campfire in the middle of winter

If you like cooler climates or if you have the opportunity to sit outdoors a little - organize a bonfire! Some of us have beautiful memories from the scouting times. Teach your children the magic of feasting together in warm scenery with a treat in hand and a warm blanket on your knees :)

Snow games

A reliable game for the whole family. Arrange riddles - hard to solve, requiring creativity and commitment. Surely there is no shortage of bird feeders in local forests. Let one of the tasks be to bring the seeds to it. If it gets freezing outside, the fun can be organized on time. With a watch and chalk in your hand, you will have a lot of fun!
On snowy days, a colorful stick will come to your aid again. As you know, snow perfectly reflects the sun's rays, thus increasing the risk of sunburn on the delicate skin of a child. So, apply the sun screen stick on the most exposed parts (nose, cheeks, forehead, chin) and use the sunny winter weather safely. 

When there is still some snow, pour hot chocolate in a bottle, put it in your backpack and start to climb the mountains with your sled! This is how you create the best memories :)

As you can see, there is a mass of seemingly normal activities, that can be so easily turned into unforgettable fun. Take advantage of how much time you can spend with your loved ones, while in the rush of normality we so often lack time for this.


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