Ideas for water fun with kids

Zabawy z dziećmi w wodzie

Holidays finally began. If you haven’t chosen the place to which you are going yet, it is worth looking for an interesting spot for family vacation as soon as possible. Relax by the water seems to be a great idea. Calm atmosphere, the sound of waves, warm sand underfoot and thousands of opportunities to spend an active day with children. Well, what kind of activities are these? Read our article and get some interesting ideas for fun and interesting ways of spending time by the water.

Let's start with the water adventure

Combining playing pirates with education is a great way to have an unforgettable experience. Of course, it cannot be done without the right water equipment. A pedalo, a canoe or a small boat will work perfectly. We personally recommend kayaking. Thanks to it you can easily swim into the reeds to search for water birds. Being water explorers is a great way to learn nature through play. Remember to take binoculars with you. Kayak can easily swim in inaccessible, shallow places, where frogs, crayfish and small fish hide.

For slightly older explorers, a pedalo and a boat will be the ideal way to relax on the water. Gentle rocking of the waves, sounds of the surrounding nature, the possibility of proving oneself as a helmsman or an oarsman is a real fun for children.

Standing paddling

For those who prefer stronger experiences and those who don't like rowing in the seated position, we have a special surfer proposition. Do you know what SUP is? SUP is Stand Up Paddle, which simply means standing on the board and using a paddle to propel themselves through the water. It is a specially designed board that looks like a windsurfing board but it’s longer.

SUP boards are available in children's version with a length up to 250 cm and in adult version up to 450 cm. This type of water activity are getting more popular. Yes, you don't have to be a surfer on Caribbean beaches to have fun on a board of this type. SUP is a great family entertainment for everyone, regardless of age or physical predisposition. It requires no special preparation or special skills. Learning to use it is very simple and basically it’s all about feeling the board. It is an excellent way to exercise coordination and balance through play. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Mom, Dad, I'm bored!

Okay, we've both swum in and on the water and what’s next?

Remember that children get bored really quickly, so it's worth taking care of some more activities than just in the lake or sea. If building big sand castles is no longer an attractive, we have some interesting

ideas for you, which will protect you from the annoyance associated with all parents' favorite slogan: "- Mom, Dad, I'm bored."

The water race

Children love to race, and racing with a bucket full of water is fun for them. The water pouring out of the buckets will add a lot of laugh to the whole race. You need to keep in mind to treat the whole competition as fun. Children feel defeats very strongly and to make sense to such a game, it is sometimes worth to help your children achieve the success and "accidently" spill some more water.

A throw at the target 

It is another example of a great fun. Just draw a large circle on the sand and set the throw line. Look for small stones, pinecones or seashells with your children, or you can just simply use the ball. Remember to keep a safe distance from other people relaxing on the beach.


Classic, right? Whoever didn't jump on the block with friends. You can also play hopscotch on the sand. You don't need a sidewalk and chalk for that. The possibilities of different combinations are endless. Draw more complex layouts to increase the difficulty level. This is great fun that you don't grow out of.


If your family really enjoys competition and is not afraid to get dirty with sand, we recommend tug-of-war. Girls versus boys, family versus family? There are plenty of ways to create teams in this play. Sand, laughter and funny healthy competition, after which you can all jump in the water to clean and chill yourself. Having a mini competition on the beach is a fantastic way to integrate both children and adults.

The mini water kingdom 

It is our last suggestion. Help children to dig a hole deep enough to pour at least two buckets of water into it. Stimulate your children's creativity. Let them create their own mini lakes with beautiful water plants, let them use rocks or sand to make it more impressive and realistic. From the bark of trees you can create small boats floating on water. 

Remember, however, do not place any fish and crayfish in such mini lakes. Their natural environment are big water reservoirs. Children's imagination has no limits, such water kingdoms are a great way to stimulate it. Children love playing by the water. It is a perfect way for a day full of amazing attractions and physical activity. Crucial rule: do not leave children out of your sight and alone by the water. A child's head is full of ideas - not always safe.
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