Merino wool and its special properties

Wełna Merino jako część świata Happymess.

Merino wool and its special properties

Wool is a fiber that is obtained from the hair of animals, mainly sheeps. Thanks to its unique characteristics it is a very desirable material in clothing industry. It works well for creating many products. It is known from high quality and excellent heating values. There are several types of wool, but the most precious is merino one. It is built in a way that individuals of this species can survive in changing conditions. Merino wool is made up of natural proteins, amino acids and other components of the fleece produced by the sheep. It does not stop growing. Sheeps can produce up to several kilograms of wool annually, so it is necessary to shear them at least once a year.

Why did we choose merino wool?

One of the main qualities of merino wool that convinced us to use it, is its incredible softness, but also its durability. Merino wool is dense, but its fibers are very thin. The pleasant feel of merino wool is something you have to feel on your own skin. What distinguishes it from classic wool is its lighter and softer structure. This makes it perfect for children's clothing! Even people with very sensitive skin, including newborns, can wear it.  Thin merino fibers are flexible, so the skin has excellent ventilation at all times, meaning it can always breathe freely.

Another advantage of merino wool is thermoregulation. Merino wool perfectly regulates body temperature and adapts to the outside temperature. It will work great for both spring and winter. The thinner the fiber and the denser the fleece, the better the thermal insulation. Pockets, which are formed between its fibers, fill with air, thanks to which they carry heat away to the outside in the summer, giving the feeling of cooling, while in the winter they insulate against the cold.

Merino fleece is also valued for its extraordinary absorption capacity. From the inside merino wool efficiently absorbs water molecules and from the outside, where it is covered with lanolin - it repels them. Thanks to that it filters the moisture perfectly - it does not stay between fibres but is transported to the environment. So we are warm even when we get wet!

Merino wool also has natural antibacterial properties, that is, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, which are responsible for the formation of unpleasant odors. Thanks to this, clothes made of merino wool can last for many days without the need for washing. As its fibres are hydrophobic it is also more difficult for dirt to get to them. To refresh a merino clothing, it is usually enough to simply... air it out.

Our mission is to create products that are both child and environmentally friendly. For us, this means using only natural and organic materials at every stage of production. Merino wool is 100% biodegradable and does not disturb the ecological balance, that is why it appears in our collection.

An additional advantage of merino is also fire resistance. Wool is a flame retardant material. Under the influence of high temperature it does not melt and does not stick to the skin, protecting the child's skin from burns. 

For health, safety and comfort of little explorers we choose proven and highest quality fabrics for our products. Merino wool fits the description perfectly. Our collection includes sweaters, hooded snoods, beanies and mittens. You can find more information about each of these special pieces by clicking on the product. We are sure you will not be disappointed! :)


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