The Real Childhood Story by ... little explorers and their parents!

The Real Childhood Story opowiadana przez… małych odkrywców i ich rodziców!

Happymess and young explorers believe in a carefree childhood full of adventures. A child's life is full of love, joy and fun, but also chaos and a bit of mess ... We believe that spending time actively, close to nature supports children's curiosity and creativity!

The world is endless adventures, challenges and a lot of things to discover, which is why we create products that are the perfect companions for every trip. We sew from natural fabrics that are safe for the child's skin, we choose accessories that are practical and with an idea. Any day can be a day of discovery, so be prepared!
We invite not only children to the world of The Real Childhood Story, but also their parents, because anyone, regardless of age, can be a little explorer :)

Meet our explorers!

Karolina Sojka

Dominika Geneja

Hanna Roosenalm


The Real Childhood Story is a story that is interesting, full of adventures, new experiences and a smile on the face. We create for brave and curious children, artists, dancers, little princesses, pirates... for all children in the world!
We believe that each of them has their own beautiful story to tell.

And stories should be shared, so we share it with you.


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