Gift Ideas - little help for Santa Claus

Prezentownik - czyli mała pomoc w poszukiwaniu świątecznych upominków

The magic of Christmas with Happymess

Christmas is a very special time.  A magical atmosphere, a moment of release and celebrating time with your loved ones. It is also the time for sharing the gifts. Do you remember how not so long time ago, with great excitement, you've been waiting for the moment when your parents would let you rip off the paper from the gifts under the Christmas tree? The rush to rip off the ornamental paper is a time for which we waited "politely" as children (we think everyone turned into Christopher Columbus looking for surprises hidden in the depths of the house). As Happymess, we believe that less is more and quality is more important than quantity. It is the most important that these products stay with us for years. Isn't the most precious childhood keepsake, the blanket that accompanied us as we grew up? However, for such a "time capsule" to survive with us for years to come, it must be characterized by good workmanship and high quality materials.

In a moment Santa Claus will come to us, so we decided to give him some interesting ideas. Probably most of you have already used our letter - it will soon reach Lapland. For those who have not used it, nothing is lost!

Gift Ideas

On the occasion of that time children are waiting for most of the year, our team decided to make the task a little easier. We took the initiative to create gift ideas- a list of inspirations of the most interesting of our products.

Sleeping bags

Our light and extremely soft sleeping bag can be taken anywhere, it will be an extraordinary pleasure during the most interesting moments of your childhood. It is ideal for traveling, kindergarten stays, sleeping and as well as for long evenings spent at home. Kids can sleep in it or simply cover themselves while watching cartoons. The sleeping bag has 3 functions - you can use it as a duvet, sheet and pillow. Wool, which serves as the inner insulation of the sleeping bag, has amazing properties. It contributes to improving the quality of sleep, is anti-allergic and allows the skin to breathe. Its top layer is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and its filling is made of 100% sheep wool.

Hooded blankets

Alternatively, "small explorer's cape" or "blind cape". Our blanket on one side will provide warmth, on the other side it will be perfect for playing. Koala, lion or llama? We leave the choice to your children's imagination :) As parents, you can be sure that that no matter what character they choose, it will be full of unforgettable adventures, your little one will feel warm, soft and pleasant. Our blanket is made of the highest quality and gentle organic cotton GOTS certified. This blanket will be the ideal friend to sleep with or a cozy sweater for a walk. 

Waffle blanket

Perfect for both little and older children. Made of 100% natural materials - linen and cotton with an oeko tex 100 certificate. Delicate, light, comfortable and versatile. You can cover your child at home, on a walk, on a journey or on the beach. Thanks to the unique properties of linen, the blanket will work perfectly as a towel.

Bath poncho

 Our linen ponchos with a hood will be perfect for many situations where your toddler is playing in the water. It is available in four beautiful colors:  lavender, blueberry, sky blue, cinnamon.

After every warm bath there comes a moment when we have to get out of the water and face the cold. Thanks to the poncho, you don't have to be afraid that your child will get cold. Made of a combination of linen and cotton, poncho will absorb the remains of the water from the body of your baby. A large hood additionally wraps the head of the little explorer. It is perfect for the beach or at the swimming pool.

It was our bestseller of the past summer, but we want to show you that it is a year-round product - perfect after bathing at home or at the pool.


Shell, camera, leaf are original and funny shapes, which can decorate the room or serve as accesories to play. Our pillow is extremely soft thanks to filling with real sheep wool.

Sunscreen sticks

It is a great choice for both beach and ski slopes. Your child’s colorful face will be visible among the crowd and protected against harmful UVA/UVB radiation.You can check our sunscreen sticks here.

Hair clips

If your daughter loves to comb, don't forget to bring some color. Hair clips from Grech & Co will be a great addition for mom and daughter - you can use them together.

Steel water bottles

Companion for every traveler who cares about nature. Made of recycled stainless steel. It is ideal for everyday drinking of water, juices, smoothies or for drinking warm tea or cocoa during winter games. Here you can see steel water bottles


made of recycled PET bottles. This means that they are environmentally friendly. A dream gift for small explorers! Backpack is not only a school companion, now especially i will be great for mountain walks and you can clean it only with a damp cloth!

Bamboo dishes 

If your child has culinary skills or is a non-eater, surely a colorful dinner set will be shoot in 10! These Ekobo dishes are made from recycled bamboo fibres and special food resin. Tested, certified, super safe for the little ones.


To support adventure and fun, they are also waterproof. They have beautiful colors- check it here for yourself :) Thanks to the "easy click" system, you can easily undo and reattach the strap without tools, which makes it easily washable when dirty.


It's getting closer to Christmas!

Get inspired with us and if you like our ideas  - Go ahead and use them!  → Check out our Christmas sets now.

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