Bath poncho - a year-round essential for your child.

Ponczo kąpielowe, czyli całoroczny must-have dla dziecka

A vacation getaway by the water, swimming in the pool or just a quick shower at home? The bath poncho will be useful in every situation when the little one is playing in the water. If you’re looking for the perfect bath accessory for your child, you’re in the right place. A poncho is a product that will replace a towel, will serve as a beach outfit, and thanks to its lightweight, you can easily pack it for every trip. 

Linen and cotton - the summer heroes.

When creating the bath poncho, we focused on ensuring that it provides children with maximum comfort, is quick-drying, soft, and lightweight. The materials that allowed us to create the perfect product, meeting all our expectations, are linen, and cotton

Linen is a fabric created for summer- breathable, providing maximum airflow, and offering protection against sunlight. Linen producers subject this fabric to a softening process immediately after production, making the poncho soft, and pleasant to the touch instead of stiff. It will meet the requirements of little ones with the most demanding, and delicate skin. Linen is also an antibacterial material. It doesn’t cause allergies (important for allergy sufferers), and prevents the accumulation of bacteria, and fungi on its surface.

The most important feature of the poncho in the context of a bathing product is its high moisture absorbent absorption capability. Linen allows for quick absorption of water, followed by rapid evaporation. This creates a perfect product for water play. The poncho will wrap the child after coming out of the sea or lake, but it will also work perfectly after a bath at home, providing the comfort of dry skin. It can easily replace a towel. 

By choosing our ponchos, you are also making an environmentally friendly choice. The cotton used in the production of the ponchos is certified OEKO-TEX 100, which means you can be assured that no harmful substances were used in production. Linen is biodegradable, and its cultivation does not require the use of any chemical pesticides. Natural materials ensure durability, and sustainability. 

Functionality, comfort, and carefree play.

The poncho has an oversized design, allowing it to serve children for multiple seasons. It is available for children from 1 year old (and even a few months for larger children) up to 9 years old. It comes in sizes for 1-3 years, 3-6 years, and 6-9 years, and is available in five natural colors: cinnamon, blueberry, lavender, sage, and sky blue. 

Thanks to the functional snap fastener closure, children can freely take out their arms, and play as much as they want. The hood can serve as protection against the wind or for drying wet hair after a bath, and the loop sewn at the back makes it easy to hang the poncho on a hook. 


How to care about the poncho?

It is important to remember that the washing temperature is crucial to keeping the poncho in excellent condition for many seasons to come. Choose a very gentle program on your washing machine, and a maximum temperature 40 °C. High temperatures can cause shrinkage, so this is essential to adhere to the recommended temperature guidelines. Avoid using bleach. If you decide to use a tumble dryer, set it to the lowest heat setting. Due to the waffle texture of the fabric, the poncho does not wrinkle, and does not require ironing. 

 is not just a summer, and vacation hit, but a year-round must-have in a child’s wardrobe. It is incredibly lightweight, soft, easy to pack, and provides a cozy wrap for the child after coming out of the sea or shower. It’s our bestseller, becoming everyone’s favorite product!


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