Ideas for Autumn activities

Pomysły na jesienne aktywności

Ideas for Autumn activities

Autumn is a beautiful, picturesque time of the year. Although it gets darker sooner outside the window and the temperature is no longer favorable, it is worth considering how to use this time and enjoy it. Every season has its own advantages. We love autumn because of the fabulous colors and long evenings spent at home. How to provide entertainment and a lot of fun for your kids during this time? How to make this time more enjoyable and use its advantages? Check out our ideas!

Little treasure hunter

On beautiful, warm autumn days long walks are a great idea. Outdoor activities are a pleasure! Especially in the surroundings of nature. While strolling through a park or forest look for treasures - cones, chestnuts, acorns, and leaves of a unique color. Do not forget to take with you a backpack, where you can put all your finds. Treasure hunters game is so much fun and it can last literally endlessly. Do not limit yourselves in the collection, we will show you what to do with the treasures of mother nature.

1. Have you managed to find Autumn treasures?

Great, and now make them real works of art at home! There are many possibilities. You can make pets or little men using chestnuts, acorns, or cones. Just a few toothpicks, a handful of decorations and some glue. You can also use paints. Grab your tools and do the work.

2. Autumn colors                    

Autumn is the most colorful of all seasons - red, brown, yellow, orange and green. This is definitely the perfect time to show your little explorers how many colors surround them! Take your backpack, think about the colors you will be looking for, and run for your search. Who will fill the whole backpack with the colors of autumn?

3. Fun with the leaves

The most classic form of fun - jumping into a pile of leaves, throwing leaves, or arranging creative patterns. The game that has been known for years is still enjoyable. And not only for children! This is an excellent opportunity for you to feel carefree again.

4. Leaf-blowing competition

Do you remember the game of who will keep the feather in the air for the longest time? You can use the leaves in the same way! Just put the leaf on your mouth and try to keep it in the air for as long as possible, using only your breath. It is not as simple as it seems. There will be a lot of laughter!

5. Album

One of our favorite autumn activities besides treasure hunting in the park or forest is creating albums of leaves. Selecting the most beautiful specimens, creating patterns from them, and describing them. Learning and having fun in one! Moreover, a souvenir for years.

6. Lanterns

How to make long autumn evenings more pleasant? With candles! Well, not the usual ones, but in the autumn edition. Choose colorful leaves and stick them to a lantern. All you need is a lantern, glue, and leaves. You can also add a ribbon or jute string and it is done!

7. Autumn jewelry

Since we already have the treasures of autumn, let's use them in many ways. You can use acorns, chestnuts and even pumpkin seeds to make decorations. In order to give them a little more color, you can paint them earlier. Then just thread it on a string and beautiful necklaces or bracelets will be made.

Decorating pumpkin

We do not need to mention pumpkin cutting. Alternatively, we suggest painting it! Choose a large pumpkin, so that your child can feel free with his creativity, brushes  and paint. And that is all! Simple, right? And the effects can be really impressive!


Since we already have the autumn climate, let's fill the house also with a beautiful scent. One of the options is to prepare apples for drying - it is healthy, traditional, and tasty. Cut the apples into slices, sprinkle with cinnamon as desired and put them into the oven. However, once in a while, it is good to have a little bit of sweetness. Especially if we are talking about self-baked apple pie or spicy biscuits and hot chocolate.

Movie or book night

When it's already dark outside the window, it means that it's the perfect time for a film or book evening. To get used to the autumn climate, cover up with our warm blanketmade of organic cotton, surround yourself with beautiful cushions, or hide in a sleeping bag. Use previously made lanterns, cookies, or dried fruits and take some tea, hot chocolate, or cocoa in your hand. Sounds cozy, isn't it?

Board games and coloring books

And finally - board games or coloring books. Laughter and an exercise developing creativity in one. If you don't have coloring books in your collection yet, you can download them with our animal friends by clicking here -  fun for a long time is guaranteed.  Coloring involves focusing on the drawing and the action performed and also teaches perseverance and patience. Children practice hand-eye coordination and can also learn how to recognize color names. We can also recommend you crayons ideal for children, available in our adventure shop. 

How do you like our ideas? We can't wait to jump up into the leaves!

What are your and your children's favorite autumn games?


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