Happymess beach essentials!

Plażowy niezbędnik Happymess!

Summer is a magical time, full of joyful moments spent outside. For children, it's a true paradise, time full of adventures, playtime, and endless possibilities to explore. And is there anything more wonderful for little ones than a beach picnic? Warm sand between their toes, the sound of waves, and the scent of the sea breeze - all of this makes children's hearts beat faster, and their smiles never leave their faces. To ensure that every beach picnic becomes an unforgettable adventure, it's worth preparing a special essential kit filled with products that will provide comfort and joy to the youngest ones during this summer exploration. What should be included in it? Here is a list of products that will certainly make spending time by the water easier.

Dresses made of natural materials

Summer dresses made of muslin and linen are a combination of summer style and comfort. Both fabrics have their unique qualities that make them perfect for warm days. Muslin and linen offer lightness, breathability, and are a good choice for delicate children's skin. By choosing such a dress, we can be sure that the child will feel comfortable. Let a summer dress made of muslin or linen become your favorite item for beach adventures.

Linen set

The colorful "GO OUTSIDE, LOOK INSIDE" linen set is the perfect choice for joyful and carefree summer days. This set, consisting of a shirt and shorts made of natural materials, offers many benefits and pleasures for the little ones. Comfortable, breathable, and durable, it will provide joy and comfort for our little ones. Children will enjoy freedom of movement and be ready for any adventure!


Colorful terry jumpsuits are a great choice for children's summer adventures. Jumpsuits offer many benefits and are an ideal choice for active little ones. With their comfort, freedom of movement, moisture absorption, and sun protection, they provide everything needed for children to fully explore the world.

Colorful T-shirts

T-shirts made of organic cotton are an absolute must-have for warm summer days. They provide comfort and freedom of movement while also being an environmentally friendly choice for our planet. By choosing T-shirts made of organic cotton, you choose high quality, durability, and comfort. To add a bit of fun, we decorated these shirts with embroidered icons of summer symbols. These unique motifs capture the essence of carefree summer days.

Tracksuit sets

Tracksuit sets in various color variations are an excellent solution for children during summer evenings. It's worth paying attention to our novelty - the confetti tracksuit. This cheerful, colorful set with a hoodie and shorts is versatile and easy to care for, making it a practical choice for parents. Tracksuit sets are not only comfortable but also multifunctional. They are perfect for cooler days, walks, or everyday activities. These sets are suitable for various occasions and offer many styling possibilities.


Hats are an indispensable accessory that protects children's eyes and faces from the sun, overheating, glare, and skin dryness. In our offer, you will find safari hats and bucket hats made of terry cloth. Colorful hats are an essential part of our beach essentials.


Comfortable and breathable shoes are ideal for the beach while also protecting children's feet from hot sand and pebbles. Our sandals are a mandatory addition to Little Explorer's summer adventures. Carefully selected colors and beautiful styling that matches everything.

Waffle Ponchos and Blankets

Ponchos are not just a cool accessory, but primarily a practical solution. They work perfectly as a blanket or towel and take up little space when folded in a bag. Blankets are ideal as beach towels, but they also come in handy on cooler days or evenings when the temperature drops. Waffle products are made from a combination of cotton and linen. Using them at the beach is an excellent choice. Thanks to their natural breathability, quick drying, durability, and UV protection, they provide comfort and convenience during summer beach adventures.

Cotton Bag

We include a bag as a gift with our ponchos and blankets. It will definitely come in handy for storing all the necessary items such as towels, toys, or snack containers. You can also use it for everyday shopping, in preschool, or at school.

Swim Rings

A great toy for children, but also an excellent relaxation solution for adults who want to unwind in the water. In our store, you will find swim rings in various colors and sizes, so that every Little Explorer and their parents can find the perfect one. The floaties are designed to be timeless in appearance but most importantly, they are free from BPA and phthalates.

SPF Sticks

Sun protection is extremely important, so it's worth taking care of your skin and shielding it from UV radiation. SPF sticks add color, character, and a surfer look to your face! It's time to embark on an adventure on the waves!

Water Bottles and Snack Containers

On hot days, it's important to stay hydrated. Therefore, it's worth bringing a water bottle and containers for fresh fruits or nuts. Spread out the blanket, take your favorite snacks, and have a picnic on the beach!

A beach essential is the foundation of a successful time by the water. With the right selection of products, you can enjoy the beautiful weather without worrying about your skin, staying cool, or lack of comfort. So, it's worth considering what you plan to take to the beach in order to focus on enjoyment and relaxation!

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