Summer essentials - choose consciously!

Niezbędniki lata - wybieraj świadomie!

Summer has its own very special vibe. Long, warm days and evenings spent playing, going out, travelling, exploring and tasting together. Summer is also about high temperatures, so on a daily basis it is important for children to wear materials that allow their delicate skin to breathe. We've put together some of our favourite essentials for you - both clothes that will be a comfort option, but will also last for years - as well as some accessories for children during the summer holidays.

Our summer favourites

When it comes to materials - the firm favourites with us this year are linen and organic cotton muslin and terry. You can find out more about linen and its wonderful qualities in our previous post. The main qualities we love it for are that it is airy and soft, protects against sunlight, is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and that it quickly evaporates absorbed water, so it dries in the blick of an eye. But let's not forget the visual aspects either! Our dress, shirt and shorts - decorated with our original print will impress any little explorer.

The shirt and shorts can be worn together or separately - you decide how you feel best. The hit of the summer for us.

Another fabric we love is muslin, which we used to make oversized dresses. Not much needs to be said here - you just have to touch it. This fabric is a winner in terms of softness and will take care of your children's skin wonderfully. You can choose from three natural colour variations.

Terry jumpsuit and bucket hat - made from 100% organic cotton - apart from being very practical for holidays close to the water, whether for a walk on the beach or directly after a swim in the sea, visually they have no rivals as a holiday set. Take a look.


Flamingo and koala sleeping bag

Another summer must-have - in other words, a sleeping bag for special tasks - for a night in caravan, a camping trip or night under a tent. It has a 3-in-1 function - replacing a pillow, sheets and a cover. It is easy to pack - roll it up, tie it with ribbons and carry it by the handle. In addition, you can pack it in the functional cotton backpack that comes with every sleeping bag. Besides the summer camping season, it will be great for sleepovers at kindergarden, at friends or grandparents! 




Bath poncho

This post couldn't miss our summer bestseller - the bath poncho. It can serve many functions - use it as a beachwear, as a towel or as a wind shield. The poncho also comes with a cotton bag to take it wherever you want. The combination of linen and cotton gives a unique look, character and super lightness. An added bonus is the oversize cut, which allows for extended use over many seasons. We can't imagine summer without a poncho. It makes holidays with the kids easier!




Petit Pommes swimming floaties

Timelessness, uniqueness and responsibility. Durable materials, thin seams, subtle colours. Floats are packaged in an eco-friendly cotton bag for safe storage until the next use. If by chance a small puncture occurs, a repair patch is included with all floats, so it can last for several seasons. Available in three sizes!



Linen waffle blanket

Lightweight and soft. Fits into the attached cotton bag, so you can easily carry it wherever you want. The blanket is made from the same material as the bathing poncho, so it's also perfect for the beach as a towel. We recommend taking it with you when you travel, it will be indispensable in many situations.


Coloured sunscreen stick

A practical trips companion. A great solution for toddlers, as it combines the fun of face painting with high protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, even for the most sensitive skin. The stick is perfect for the beach, as the child's colourful face will be easier to spot by the parent. What's more, you will always know when to reapply - when the colour wears off. It contains no harmful substances - neither for the user nor for the environment.



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