Natural and biodegradable - meet linen!

Naturalny i biodegradowalny - poznajcie len!

One of the main goals of the Happymess brand is to build a connection with nature. We make sure that all the materials and additives we choose are not harmful to the world around us. We maintain harmony between the convenience and functionality of our products and their positive impact on the environment. Creating clothes and accessories for summer is quite a challenge! Warm days, high temperatures, playing in the sand and water are all holiday challenges that our products can handle perfectly.

Natural and biodegradable - meet linen.

When we think of summer clothes the first material that comes to mind is - LEN. Flax is a natural fiber that comes from a plant called flaxseed. In Poland flax is a cultivated plant and is not found growing wild. If you want to live in the spirit of zero waste then you have to get to know flax better! It is a plant that serves man in every form, and all that remains from its processing is dust!
Linen fabrics have been known to man for several thousand years. We appreciated it in the past and we appreciate it now as well.

EUROPEAN FLAX® Certificate

The flax fabric that we use to manufacture our products is certified by EUROPEAN FLAX®. This mark certifies the traceability of the fiber's place of origin. It guarantees the highest quality fiber sourced exclusively from Northern Europe, as well as the commitment of local farmers to eliminate irrigation, GMOs and waste. Producers are required to certify a guarantee of transparency and safety at every stage of production.

Linen rocks the summer!

This noble material is an ideal choice for summer - airy, on hot days it protects from the sun's rays, and at the same time lets the soothing wind pass through. Linen clothes absorb water, then evaporate it quickly. Forget about the feeling of wet clothes! Linen clothes are perfect for beach or lake vacations.
Linen manufacturers soften the fabric right after its production - thanks to this linen products are soft and nice to touch, which ensures high comfort of their use. Linen is a hypoallergenic and hygienic fabric. It is non-allergenic and does not allow bacteria and fungi to settle on it. Even the most demanding skin will be grateful for a linen shirt or dress.

What do we use linen for?

The upcoming LOOK INSIDE, GO OUTSIDE collection proves that interesting and colourful garments can be conjured from linen! They can be elegant at the same time, but also summery and relaxed. The jumpsuits or dresses created by us are a styling in themselves! Decorated with an author’s print, they will delight every little explorer. Shirt and shorts can be worn together or separately – you decide how you feel best!
In addition to the production of clothing, the addition of linen is also ideal for waffle blankets and ponchos. With the combination of linen and organic cotton, we have developed versatile and environmentally friendly products. The waffle blanket is ideal as a summer blanket or beach towel, while the poncho wraps the child both after leaving the sea or lake and ideally after bathing at home.

Check it out for yourself!

If you are not convinced after reading the article, there is a way. . . Find out for yourself how quickly flax will become your holiday friend!

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