The ideas on how to actively spend time away from the screen

Kilka pomysłów jak spędzić czas z dziećmi z dala od ekranu

Our children and the amount of time they spend in front of electronic devices is a topic that more and more often costs us sleepless nights. We know that long time spent in front of the screen does not affect them well. It is associated with decreased concentration, lack of exercise, sleep problems and, last but not least, the disappearance of the need for contact with peers. A very important role of the parent is to set boundaries and rules that will regulate the time spent with the tablet or phone in hands. It depends on us what place it will take in our lives and in the lives of our little explorers. 

It is important to start with ourselves

Let's pay attention to how much time we spend using our phones, watching TV or clicking on the keyboard of our laptops. We ourselves are the best example for our kids. You can't expect your kids to take care of themselves by being glued to the screens of various devices. When we are together - let's be together actively. Let's show them the beauty of the pre-technological era, be creative and awaken the need to explore the world in them. How to do it? Here are some of our ideas!

Let's meet other parents and organize the adventure together

On fall days, a campfire is an excellent plan! In order to be able to play comfortably for the rest of the day, don't forget to dress warmly. Our organic cotton hat combined with a merino sweater and gloves will fit perfectly! Arrange to prepare your meals in advance so that you can all celebrate together in the pleasant and warm atmosphere of a campfire. 

Our snack boxes will be perfect for this occasion. Its lower part can be used as a bowl and the upper part as a plate. Cooking together is also a great idea to spend time with your children. Not only will it bring you great fun and deepen your bond, but it will also be a really nice alternative to tear your children away from screens. By the way, giving the opportunity to try different flavors and share your feelings with a larger group is also a great way to spark our kids' curiosity. After the meal, sit around the campfire, cover yourself with a warm blanket, grab a thermos with tea and talk about how your week went. Singing with a guitar is also a great idea! We guarantee that your kids will remember such a day for a long time, and the question "when are we going to have a bonfire again?" will be asked more often than "Mom, Dad, can I play on your phone?".

Suggest and show how to actively organize time at home

When the weather is not that good and spending time actively outdoors is not that nice - you can also do a lot of creative things at home, which will make our kids smile from ear to ear. Instead of spending the evening turning on cartoons for children (which, as we know, sometimes is helpful after a hard day) we have a better suggestion! Build a base out of blankets, cushions, and anything else you can find around the house. Chairs, tables, etc. will also come in handy. The only limit here is your child's imagination! Our cuddly koala sleeping bag will be extremely useful here. After all, it has 3 functions! It can serve as a sheet on the very bottom of your base, but it will also replace a pillow or a quilt. The koala's nose is also a pocket, where a mascot - our little one's best friend - can fit. It'll experience all the hours spent in its new favorite place with you! Our vichy cotton blankets are also made for such unusual situations. No idea how to build a roof for your base? Well, problem solved. :) Organic cotton from which our blanket is made is strong enough to withstand building pillow bases flawlessly for years to come.

These are just a few of suggestions that will allow children to replace TV screens or tablets and make their time varied. Let's take advantage of the time spent together, which with the multitude of duties we do not have much anyway.

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