How not to get bored at the weekend?

Jak się nie nudzić na weekend?

Finally weekend!

Each of us needs a moment of rest, peace, breath and… moments with loved ones. In the rush of everyday life, we do not always find time for little things that make us happy and allow us to create interesting memories. Not all of us have the opportunity to travel far, and the situation in the world does not give us a range of opportunities to spend time in the city. That is why we would like to show you some ideas on how to spend the weekend with children not far from home.

Why is it important to spend time together with your child?

First off all, it's about building relationships! By spending time together, we build a bond, trust and a sense of love. It is important that both parents individually and all together set aside time for talks, fun and adventures! From the perspective of a little explorer, moments with parents are a time of discovering yourself, your talents and passions.

Here are some of our suggestions:


A trivial matter... a walk around the estate or the park. However, we encourage you to improve this simple activity. Go to a new place that you will be able to visit and discover. There is definitely a forest or park in the area that you haven't been to yet! When you find such a place, put on your backpack, explorer's hat and set off. And in the playtime tab on the Happymess website, you can download our new explorer coloring book. The task is very simple - when you go for a walk, take our coloring book with you and then look for the objects drawn on it. Once you find them, pick up the crayons and color them. Spending time outdoors, regardless of the weather, is very important and healthy for children. Oxygenating the body, building immunity, providing exercise and energy - these are just a few of the many benefits. That is why it is worth turning an ordinary activity such as a walk into something extraordinary.


A blanket spread out on the grass, pillows, a wicker basket or backpack, and in it containers with your favorite snacks, drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a real picnic! It is an interesting adventure and an interesting alternative to dinner at the table at home. Thanks to this, each family member will be happy, regardless of age. In picnics, we love the closeness to nature, the rays of the sun on our faces and delicious food.

Time spent at home

Unfortunately, the weather is not always good and sometimes you can't go outside. However, this is not a reason to worry, because you can have fun at home too! Cooking or baking together, playing board games or cards, building castles with blankets and pillows ... Childhood has its own rules, and children are limited only by their imagination. Movie nights are also a great option to spend time together - wrapped in a sleeping bag, popcorn in hand, watching the news on the screen.

Planting plants

In your local store, look for cuttings, seeds and bulbs of various flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Creating a herbarium teaches you to take care of plants from the first day through the entire growth phase until the final moment. Planting, transplanting, watering and, above all, loving them - these will be new challenges for our explorers. For each plant, make a sign with the plant's name, type of sun exposure and frequency of watering. This will help you remember about all the plants.

These are just a few suggestions for spending time together with your child. Every parent knows their toddler best and knows what gives him the greatest fun. At Happymess, we make sure that, regardless of the type of activity, our products can accompany you and provide you with a lot of smile and joy.
Have fun for the weekend!

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