Hollygreen - with our future eco-warriors in mind

Hollygreen -  z myślą o naszych przyszlych eko-wojownikach

Hollygreen - with our future eco-warriors in mind

At the heart of Happymess is a passion for beautiful things, but also the desire to offer you products that are durable. That is why we decide to cooperate with brands that are responsible for the natural environment and that respect people and our planet. We're proud of this and would like to support our brands' commitment and showcase their work through our definition of environmental friendliness - Hollygreen.

The materials we love to use are:

1. Natural sheep wool

Wool has many advantages for humans and the environment, which we discussed in our previous article HERE .

After philosophizing how wonderfully it affects our body and how well its practical use harmonizes, we decided to use it as the main material in our sleeping bags and pillows :)

2. Organic cotton

A new blog post dedicated to organic cotton will be published soon on our website. Responsible and sustainable production of organic cotton brings a number of benefits to the environment.

GOTS ensures that the materials marked with it meet rigorous organic farming standards and were produced in the spirit of fair trade.

Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate confirming the quality of textile and textile products that come into direct contact with human skin.

Organic Content Standard is a certificate awarded to finished products, but it is also necessary to meet strictly defined conditions for cotton harvesting and production.

So we can proudly boast that we use cotton with such certificates. Be sure to check out our collection !

3. Merino wool

This type of wool has many advantages, but we would like to present the most important of them.

  • Moisture absorption – is able to absorb moisture up to 35% of its weight. At the same time, it draws moisture out, making the skin feel dry even when the clothes are damp.
  • Thermoregulation – characterized by minimal thermal conductivity. The thinner the fiber and the denser the fleece, the better the thermal insulation.
  • Flexibility – retain their shape for many years. Even when stretched, they return to their original form.
  • Easy to clean – thanks to the high content of natural fats, it is less dirty and easier to clean. The clothes do not require frequent washing because the wool regenerates itself when exposed to oxygen.
  • Fireproof – unlike other fibers, merino wool does not melt under the influence of high temperatures. It is the least flammable and the safest - it is self-extinguishing and in case of contact with fire it will not melt or stick to the skin.
  • Protection against UV radiation – has a UPF filter with a minimum height of 50, which provides complete sun protection.

You already know why ours hooded blankets are they perfect for your child?

4. Linen

It is antiallergic and also has antibacterial properties. It is very strong and has high resistance to abrasion and stretching. Moreover, linen does not electrify. It is also characterized by high moisture absorption and breathability.

Thanks to this, we were able to use it in the production of ours blankets and poncho .

5. Recycled plastics

Wanting to teach our children respect for the well-being of our planet, we chose products that have been given a new life. They are colorful, durable, functional and, above all, they are friends of the environment in which we live.

The watches have a durable "nato" strap made of recycled nylon, which, thanks to the "easy click" system, can be easily removed and reattached without the use of tools.

The backpacks are made of recycled PET bottles. This means they are environmentally friendly.

The bottles are made of recycled stainless steel. Free from harmful BPA and chemicals.

Sunglasses are a conscious choice for children. Made of recycled plastic, they are environmentally friendly. They are CE certified and have high sun protection with a UV 400 filter.

6. Natural ingredients

Sunscreen stick Enriched with beeswax and organic plant oils such as olive oil, tamanu oil and shea butter. Its formula consisting of 100% naturally occurring ingredients prevents drying of the skin and lips. Filters made from 100% natural minerals. Non-toxic to the marine environment.

In addition, 17.80% of the cosmetic comes from organic farming and does not contain parabens, PEG and silicones.

Swimming rings products are BPA and phthalate-free, made of durable PVC, designed in a timeless style.

The patches are made of 100% organic bamboo fiber, enriched with coconut oil/aloe/activated carbon gauze, which soothes minor abrasions and provides long-lasting support for sensitive skin. With hypoallergenic self-adhesive glue (PSA). The PSA formula is made from a combination of natural minerals and Nano technology (tiny suction cups) that gently adhere to the skin without causing a reaction.

They are enriched with three variants:

Coconut oil it is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid with antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes minor scratches and wounds.

Aloe contains two powerful natural compounds (polysaccharides and glycoproteins) that help heal wounds, soothe burns and blisters.

Active carbon they are very absorbent and act as a magnet for dirt in the wound. This, in turn, supports the body's natural healing of the wound. Once debris is removed, inflammation and redness are reduced, minimizing the risk of infection, which promotes safer wound healing.

Additionally, they are vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic and 100% compostable :)

7. Eco-compost;

EKOBO tableware are made of the patented BIOBU eco-composite, which is made of recycled bamboo fibers and special food resin. Tested, certified, super safe for babies.

Materials with extraordinary properties, but is there any other way to help nature?

1. Zero waste

This is our way of reducing the waste of reusable products. We use this analogy when creating our sleeping bags, to avoid throwing away excess sheep wool, we add it inside our pillows to make them as soft as possible!

2. Packing

We limit ourselves in this respect as much as we can, without sacrificing the visual charm of our products. We send invoices by e-mail and put our things in reusable cotton bags, which will soon be available in a new version that will charm you.

3. Hand sewn

We are not fans of large plants or factories, which is why we provide our materials to smaller companies and support our local market.

4. Our products and nature

To ensure that children enjoy using our products, we modeled them on what children love the most, i.e. animals and colors!

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