Is it worth reading to children? A few words about the influence of books on a child's development.

Czy warto czytać dzieciom? Kilka słów o wpływie książek na rozwój dziecka

Storytelling and books have been known to us since forever. This allows us to teach children about values, recognizing emotions, getting to know history and everything that awaits us in life. There are more and more books that are modern, educational, colorful and child-friendly. Bedtime stories should be fun for children and their parents and they also have many other advantages.

Why should we read with children at all?


There are many advantages of reading together with your child. First of all, it influences the positive emotional development of little human, teaches values and encourages to reflections. In addition, it affects the imagination, memory and concentration. It improves child's general knowledge and stimulates his language. The stories described in fairy tales through specific characters, situations and their experiences teach children various life situations and ways of solving them. They help to understand the difference between good and bad, values such as friendship or love.

Unfortunately, the increasing number of children from an early age are fed with computer games, cartoons on TV and constantly beeping smartphones. Early contact with electrical devices reduces children's creativity. In addition, it causes visual and hearing defects, often also mental laziness, impatience and hinders interpersonal contacts.


When to start reading to your child?


We should start reading to children from an early age. We can notice the positive effects of this activity at an early stage of development. The child should associate reading books with pleasure and a sense of security and carefree. Building a bond between the child and the parent is extremely important and necessary in the early years of life and also later. Through reading, we cultivate the habit of reaching for books by the child, instead of computer games or smartphones. It is parents’ task to show that reading books is a joy, not a punishment.


How to choose the right reading?

We presented some ideas for evening reading in our other post. Right here! However, first of all, let's remember for whom we are reading! Let the children listen to something they love, that interests them and makes them happy. There is no one-size-fits-all list of books that a child must read. Just like adults, they may like one book less and the other more. Let's show the children what we read, when we were their age and tell the stories related to these books. Let the daily activity of reading a book bring you and your child closer together. Share your insights, discuss and build a bond.


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