Outdoor activity - a valuable gift for your child

Outdoor activity - a valuable gift for your child

Phone, tablet and TV - most parents have very mixed feelings about these devices. While they can be a valuable teaching aid for our children and a source of entertainment, each of us knows that too much of anything is unhealthy. However, many parents have trouble coming up with activities that their children could do instead of playing with electronics.

Leaving the house is always a good alternative

First of all, remember that physical activity is a very important element for the development of our children. Especially the smallest children are born to move as much as possible, and their energy, which has no outlet, is often invested in... making a mess. Therefore, a tired child is a happy child (and a happy parent).

Physical activity stimulates the development of the body and balances hormone levels, increases immunity and has a soothing effect on well-being. Done together, it builds family bonds and contributes to the better functioning of your family. Even better when done outdoors!

Find fresh air

Every resident of Poland is aware of air pollution, which is a real nightmare, especially for residents of the most urbanized regions of countries. When air pollution exceeds permissible standards and the atmosphere can be cut with a knife - it is better to skip family outings and stay at home. People who live in areas particularly exposed to smog should check the level of pollution before leaving home, for example in special phone applications.

Choose the right clothes

No matter what they say, there is always good weather. You just need to adapt your clothes to it. Remember to take special care of your child's clothes, because children use every weather the most intensively. However, this does not mean that you should dress "warmly" - remember that the child moves more than the parent and too many layers will cause the body to overheat. Choose breathable clothes that will wick moisture away, and if it's wet, they should also be waterproof. Remember to wear good, comfortable shoes. Wellington boots are best for children for any walk, not just those in puddles - they are waterproof and easy to clean.


Don't be afraid of the sun

Vitamin D3 deficiency in people is a nightmare of modern times, when they spend so many hours a day at home, in front of screens. This has particularly disastrous consequences in children, whose vitamin D3 deficiency may lead to disorders in the development of the body. Therefore, you should enjoy the sun whenever you have the opportunity. Vitamin D3 synthesis in the skin begins after about 20-30 minutes of exposure to the sun, so if you use a high UV filter for children, do not use it before leaving home. Let your child's skin enjoy the sun and use the cream for longer exposure.

A walk can be fun

You don't have an idea or equipment for sophisticated outdoor activities? A walk is always a good idea! However, when children hear the word "walk", they usually turn up their nose. But a walk doesn't have to be associated with boring shuffling in an unspecified direction. Make sure your outing is attractive: set a specific goal for the walk, come up with a word game to play along the way, take some gadgets or toys with you, or discover places you haven't been to yet.

Set a good example

Dear parents, remember that your child learns by watching your behavior. If parents spend all their free time sitting in front of the TV, their child should not be expected to willingly spend afternoons outdoors - after all, no one sets such an example for him or her.

Outdoor activity should be your common routine, which is best introduced from an early age in your children's lives. Because what the shell absorbs when it's young...

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