Active and warm autumn in Happymess!

Aktywna i ciepła jesień w Happymess!

Autumn has begun, and with it comes cooler and shorter days, rainy afternoons and evenings spent at home. It's very important to make sure that children do not spend all their free time in front of the TV or with the phone in their hand. Show them more interesting alternatives like games from your childhood!

At Happymess we know that the autumn weather won't stop the curiosity of little explorers and their desire to explore the world, even when it's grey outside! So how to take care of kids so that they can confidently run around and enjoy the charms of backyard play?

First of all, it is worth taking care of warm and comfortable clothes. Created especially for autumn exploration, the Happymess collection will be a great companion for adventures. Comfortable sweatpants and warm sweatshirts made of organic cotton are the perfect outfit. Organic cotton differs from regular cotton in the way the fabric is sourced and produced. It's not chemically treated, making it more durable and retaining its shape and color for much longer. Little explorers' clothes are often dirty, put to the test of durability, and used in every possible way. And that's the point! :) Children's unlimited imagination cannot be stopped by uncomfortable clothes!

It's also important to keep children warm and comfortable. A perfect material for us is merino wool. We discovered its wonderful qualities and created sweaters and accessories using this special material. It's obtained from the fleece of merino sheep and its fiber is three times thinner than human hair! This type of wool has unique characteristics. It is soft, delicate and pleasant for the skin of any child. Moreover, it has thermo-insulating properties - thanks to its structure it's able to dissipate heat and provide coolness in summer, and it insulates against cold and warms up in winter. This wool is not afraid of water either! It absorbs moisture very well and gives it back very fast. The most important point is that clothes made from merino wool are stain and odor resistant. They are easy to care for, which will make life easier for moms!

And why are we talking about this? Because we have created colourful sweaters, which, thanks to these properties, can be used all year round and on every trip. We want Happymess products to be ready for many challenges and to be able to accompany kids for more than just a moment.

You'll also find mittens, beanies and hooded neck warmers, also made of merino wool. Happy colours, oversized cuts and interesting ideas - the things we create reflect the character of the brand and encourage children to be children... We dream of every little explorer wearing them with a smile on their face. Some accessories, such as beanies and hooded neck warmers, can also be worn by parents. The group of explorers has no age limit :)

Fans of caps will also find an autumn-winter alternative. Made of corduroy, filled with veeery soft organic cotton plush inside. Warm and comfortable, it can be tied under the chin or on the top of the head. They carry the READY FOR ADVENTURES slogan, so we believe they will be perfect for big and small adventures.

Speaking of adventures, we've got some fall activity ideas for you. Autumn is the season of growing mushrooms, falling leaves and chestnuts. When the sun is shining, take a walk together, collect pinecones, sticks, chestnuts, moss and other gifts of the forest, then take them home and create your own forest in a jar! When it rains, dress warmly - put on wellies and a coat and run outside. Jumping over puddles and running in the rain is so much fun. You can get dirty and get really tired.

However, sometimes the weather is not conducive to going outside and we prefer to stay indoors. It can be fun at home too! Our suggestion is to compose your own autumn/winter tea... It's perfect way to get to know the flavors. Take your child on a culinary journey of spices and tea additions. Let them mix, match and try, and at the very end create a ranking and treat the other members of the household with favourite tea.

There is never any boredom in the world of children's imagination. There is always something to explore, discover or try. We want to build opportunities and create beautiful memories together with you. At Happymess we support every little one at every moment of their childhood, regardless of the weather ;)

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